Linux Ultimate RC1 Unnattended For Laptop

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Linux Ultimate RC1 Unnattended For Laptop

Mesaj gönderen velociraptor » 26 May 2009, 00:23


Linux Ultimate RC1 Unnattended For Laptop | 1.42 GB

made by rebelde.
is a complete linux solution made to run out of the box.everything install nothing else need it.can play dvds and all media formats.i even included it 2 classic games, google earth,a dvdrip solution and a dvd to psp or ipod transcoding program, tv program so if you have a digital tuner can watch tv or record it and finally xbmc and boxee add it as well.

Hi all this are the dl links for the linux rc1. also can run it from your optical drive as a well so can try it before installing.this is beta not the final release as in final looks and more software will be add it as well suport for blu-ray in base in ubuntu and more tweaks and changes will be done in final release.hope to hear your comments and what else you would like to see be add it.

download link :

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