Win7 Sağ tık Kişiselleştirme ve Araçları kaldırma

Windows 7 hakkinda bilgi , ipucu ve tecrübe paylasim alanidir
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Re: Win7 Sağ tık Kişiselleştirme ve Araçları kaldırma

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burak35 yazdı: 07 Haz 2024, 22:55 Windows context menu manager güzel bi programa benziyor.
Al sende dene.... ... r/releases

İngilizce Tercümesi :

Kod: Tümünü seç

;This file is the display text dictionary of the ContextMenuManager program, and the newline characters in the dictionary are escaped with \r\n or \n

;If you want to help the author add other language dictionaries to this program, you can modify this text and save it in the .\config\languages folder,

;For example, save the American English dictionary as en-US.ini, and assign en-US English to [General]\Language

;Fork the project on Github or Gitee and submit an application to me, or send the file directly to the mailbox 


AppName = Windows Context Menu Manager

Language = en-US English

Translator = mimmiepower (Google Translate) \r\n Geoff B. \r\n Jing

TranslatorUrl = \r\n \r\n


Home = Home

Type = File Types

Rule = Other Rules

Refresh = Refresh

About = About


File = File

Folder = Folder

Directory = Directory

Background = Background

Desktop = Desktop

Drive = Disk

AllObjects = All objects

Computer = This PC

RecycleBin = Recycle Bin

Library = Library

New = New

SendTo = Send to

OpenWith = Open with

WinX = Win+X

LnkFile = .lnk file

UwpLnk = UWP .lnk

ExeFile = .exe files

CustomExtension = Specific file type

PerceivedType = Perceived file type

DirectoryType = Folder type

UnknownType = Unknown file type

MenuAnalysis = Menu Analysis

EnhanceMenu = Menu ehancements

DetailedEdit = Detailed editing

DragDrop = Drag drop

PublicReferences = Public references

CustomRegPath = Custom registry path

GuidBlocked = GUID blocked

IEMenu = IE context menu

AppSetting = Settings

AppLanguage = Language

CheckUpdate = Check Update

Dictionaries = Program folder

AboutApp = Software information

Donate = Donate to the author


File = Context menu for all file types

Folder = Context menu for all folder types

Directory = Context menu for all file folders

Background = Context menu for all folder and desktop backgrounds

Desktop = Context menu for the Desktop

Drive = Context menu for all disk drives

AllObjects = Context menu for all file system objects (including files and folders)

Computer = Context menu for This PC

RecycleBin = Context menu for the Recycle Bin

Library = Context menu for all Libraries and Library folder background

New = "New" menu for the context menu for folder and desktop background

SendTo = "Send to" menu for all file system objects

OpenWith = "Open With" menu for all files

WinX = Win8-Win10 context menu for the Win+X Start Menu

LnkFile = Context menu for all shortcuts

UwpLnk = Context menu for all Win10, Win8 UWP apps

ExeFile = Context menu for .exe executable files

CustomExtension = Customize the context menu for any file type

PerceivedType = Customize the context menu for the specified perceived file

DirectoryType = Customize the context menu for the specified folder type

UnknownType = Context menu for file with a file type that are not associated with any app

MenuAnalysis = Analyze the context menu location

EnhanceMenu = Add some useful menu items

DetailedEdit = Detailed setting rules for the internal menus of the system and other programs

DragDrop = Menu item when right-clicking and dragging a file

PublicReferences = Edit the Shell type sub-menu items of public references added by users

CustomRegPath = Costomize the context menu registry path

GuidBlocked = Suitable for stubborn ShellEx projects that rely on GUIDs (some GUIDs are disabled)

IEMenu = Context menu in Internet Explorer


ChangeText = Rename

ItemIcon = Item icon

ChangeIcon = Change icon

ShieldIcon = Shield icon

AddIcon = Add icon

DeleteIcon = Delete icon

ItemPosition = Item location

SetDefault = Default

SetTop = Put on top

SetBottom = Put on the bottom

OtherAttributes = Other properties

OnlyWithShift = Show only while holding Shift

OnlyInExplorer = Show only in File Explorer

NoWorkingDirectory = Do not use the folder information in the context menu

NeverDefault = Never use the left button to execute commands by default

ShowAsDisabledIfHidden = If item is deactivated, gray out instead of hiding it

Details = Details

WebSearch = Web search

ChangeCommand = Change command

RunAsAdministrator = Run as administrator

FileProperties = File properties

FileLocation = File location

RegistryLocation = Registry location

ExportRegistry = Export registry

Delete = Delete item

DeleteReference = Delete reference

HandleGuid = GUID actions

CopyGuid = Copy GUID

BlockGuid = Block GUID

ClsidLocation = CLSID location

AddGuidDic = Add GUID dictionary

InitialData = Edit file initial data

BeforeSeparator = Displayed above the separator

ChangeGroup = Change group

RestoreDefault = Restore default

Edit = Edit

Save = Save

FoldAll = Fold all

UnfoldAll = Unfold all


Browse = Browse

Program = Program

AllFiles = All files

RegistryFile = Registry file

ItemText = Item text

ItemCommand = Menu command

CommandArguments = Command arguments

SingleMenu = Single-level menu

MultiMenu = Multi-level menu

Public = Public

Private = Private

SelectAll = Select all

InputGuid = Enter GUID local dictionary

AddGuidDic = Add GUID local dictionary

DeleteGuidDic = Delete GUID dictionary

NoPerceivedType = Type unknown

TextFile = Text file

DocumentFile = Document file

ImageFile = Image file

VideoFile = Video file

AudioFile = Audio file

CompressedFile = Compressed file

SystemFile = System file

DocumentDirectory = Document folder

ImageDirectory = Image folder

VideoDirectory = Video folder

AudioDirectory = Audio folder

EditSubItems = Edit sub-menu items for "%s"

DetailedEdit = Edit "%s" in detail

CheckReference = Check the menu item to which you want to add a reference to

CheckCopy = Check the menu item you want to copy

SelectExtension = Please select a file extension

SelectPerceivedType = Please select a perceived file type

SelectDirectoryType = Please select a perceived folder type

SelectGroup = Select to save the group

SelectNewItemType = Select "New" item type

SelectObjectType = Select object type to analyze

SelectDropEffect = Select default drop effect

DefaultDropEffect = Default(move in the same drive、copy from a different drive)

CopyDropEffect = Copy(Ctrl)

MoveDropEffect = Move(Shift)

CreateLinkDropEffect = Create shortcuts(Alt)

DownloadLanguages = Download multi-language files

TranslateTool = Translation tool

DefaultText = Default text

OldTranslation = Old translation

NewTranslation = New translation

DonateInfo = This list is updated once in a while,last update: %date \r\n\r\nTotal: %money Yuan, %count people


TextCannotBeEmpty = Menu text cannot be empty!

CommandCannotBeEmpty = Menu command cannot be empty!

StringParsingFailed = Localized string parsing failed!

TextLengthCannotExceed80 = Menu text you entered is too long. The length cannot exceed 80 characters!

ConfirmDeletePermanently = Are you sure you want to permanently delete this item? \r\n Be careful, this operation cannot be undone!

DeleteButCanRestore = Are you sure you want to delete the registry item of this menu? \r\n Since automatic backup is enabled (enabled by default),\r\n it can be restored from the backup folder after deletion.

ConfirmDeleteReference = Are you sure you want to delete this item? \r\n Be careful, all items referencing this item will become invalid!

ConfirmDelete = Are you sure you want to delete this item?

ConfirmDeleteReferenced = Are you sure you want to permanently delete this item? \r\n Please note that all items referencing this item will be invalid.

CannotAddNewItem = Cannot add! The system limits the maximum number of sub-menu items to 16.

VistaUnsupportedMulti = Windows Vista does not support multi-level menu!

CannotHideSubItem = Your version of Windows does not support hiding subitems!

UnsupportedFilename = Unsupported filename. \r\n A menu item with the same filename may already exist!

NoOpenModeExtension = There is no app associated with this extension. \r\n Right-click a file of this type with this extension to associate it with an app!

CannotChangePath = File path changes are not allowed!

CopiedToClipboard = Copied to clipboard:

MalformedGuid = GUID with incorrect format

HasBeenAdded = This item has been added!

SelectSubMenuMode = The number of sub-items in the current multi-level menu is 0. There are two choices: \r\n ① All sub-menu items in this multi-level menu are private (recommended),\r\n ② The multi-level menu can reference the same sub-items as other multi-level menus. \r\n Demanding choice...

EditInitialData = This program currently only supports editing the initial data of plain text files (.txt, .bat, etc.).\r\n For other types of files, please edit the registry "Data" key value by yourself.\r\n Confirm if you want to continue the operation.

PromptIsOpenItem = This item has an "Open" menu,\r\n Blind operations may prevent you from opening files and folders,\r\n Confirm if you want to continue the operation. (Not recommended)

SelectRegPath = Steps: \r\n1. Open Registry Editor\r\n2. Navigate to target path\r\n3. Close the Registry Editor\nContinue?

RestartApp = The program will restart!

FileNotExists = The file does not exist!

FolderNotExists = The folder does not exist!

UpdateInfo = A newer version is available\r\nCurrent version%v1\r\nLatest version%v2\r\nDo you want to update to the latest version?

UpdateSucceeded = Update succeeded!

DicUpdateSucceeded = Dictionaries and multi-language files are updated.

VersionIsLatest = The current version is the latest.

WebDataReadFailed = Failed to fetch data from the Internet.

OpenWebUrl = Open the URL?

AuthorityProtection = This menu registry item may be protected by security software.\r\n It cannot be disabled, deleted, and other personalized modifications.

WinXSorted = Some items have been renumbered in order to optimize the sorting function.\r\n You need to restart File Explorer before changes take effect

RestoreDefault = Confirm to restore to the default menu item.

DeleteGroup = Are you sure to permanently delete this group and all its menu items?


RestartExplorer = The desktop will flicker for a while after restarting Explorer. This is normal.\r\n Restarting or logging in and out of your PC will also make the changes take effect.

CustomFolder = Disabling this option will also disable the custom tab \r\n in the file system object properties panel.

SendToDrive = Only works if a removable disk is connected.\r\n Displays all partitions of the removable disk.

BuildSendtoMenu = Disabling this option will speed up the pop-up speed of the main menu \r\n but will slow down the pop-up speed of the "Send to" sub-menu

InvalidItem = If a menu item is invalid, all menu items \r\n under this item will be hidden (deletion recommended).

EditSubItems = Edit sub-menu Items

AddReference = Add reference from public reference project

AddFromPublic = Copy item from public

AddFromParentMenu = Copy item from parent menu

AddSeparator = Add a seperator

DeleteGuidDic = Delete the local GUID dictionary added by the user

LockNewMenu = Once enabled, it can prevent third-party programs from adding items \r\n and can sort existing items (close and restore)

DropOrSelectObject = Drop or select an object

ConfigPath = After changing the configuration and data file save path, \r\n some of the enhanced menus that have been enabled will become invalid.\r\n They can be re-enabled in the enhanced menu

CommandFiles = This command depends on the configuration file. Moving the configuration file location will cause this menu item to become invalid. Re-enable it.

CreateGroup = Create a new group

ImmediatelyCheck = Check now


CustomFolder = Customize this &folder...

BuildSendtoMenu = Create "Send to" submenu

NewItem = Create new menu item

AddGuidBlockedItem = Add GUID blocked item

LockNewMenu = Lock the new menu

InvalidItem = Invalid menu item:

Separator = >>>>>> Separator <<<<<<

SelectRegPath = Select a registry path

CurrentExtension = The currently selected file extension is %s

CurrentPerceivedType = The currently selected perceived file type is %s

CurrentDirectoryType = The currently selected perceived folder type is %s

CurrentFilePath = Current file path: 

CurrentRegPath = Current registry path:

WinXSortable = Enable Win+X menu sorting

ShowFilePath = Show file path in the status bar

OpenMoreRegedit = Open Registry Editor in a separate window

OpenMoreExplorer = Open File Explorer in a separate window

RestartExplorer = Windows Explorer must be restarted for the changes to take effect.

SwitchDictionaries = Switch dictionary

WebDictionaries = Web dictionaries

UserDictionaries = User dictionaries

DictionaryDescription = Dictionary description

GuidInfosDictionary = GUID information

UwpMode = UWP Modules

Translators = Translators

DonationList = Donation list

ConfigPath = Save location of configuration and data files

AppDataDir = AppData

AppDir = Program directory

AutoBackup = Automatically back up the registry when deleting menus

SetUpdateFrequency = How often to check update

OnceAWeek = Once a week

OnceAMonth = Once a month

OnceASeason = Once every three months

NeverCheck = Never

SetRequestRepo = Request Repo

ProtectOpenItem = Protect the "Open" menu item

WebSearchEngine = Search engine used for web searches

CustomEngine = Custom...

SetCustomEngine = Define search engine (use %s instead of search keywords) 

HideDisabledItems = Hide disabled items

HideSysStoreItems = Hide system store items

SetPerceivedType = Set %s perceived type...

SetDefaultDropEffect = Set default drop effect

TopMost = Always on top

AboutApp = [Compatiblity] \r\n 1 = Compatible with Win10、8.1、8、7、Vista \r\n 2 = Compatible with 64bit、32bit OS\r\n 3 = High DPI compatible, optimal with 150%\r\n\r\n[Open source]\r\n 1 = Programming languages: C sharp,Winform,MIT License\r\n 2 = Github repo: \r\n 3 = Gitee repo: \r\n\r\n[Hints]\r\n 1 = This program reads/writes a large amount of system files and registry entries,\r\n it may be flagged by Windows Defender as these operations are highly sensitive, please manually add this program to the exclusion list\r\n\r\n 2 = Some special menu items may be affected by other factors, they may not be displayed in the context menu. \r\n However, they may still be displayed as enabled in this program according to the general rules used by the program. This is normal. \r\n\r\n 3 = The method of disabling the menu for each context menu management program may be different. Do not use multiple context menu management programs at the same time. \r\n Most programs use a simple and volatile backup-delete method. This program uses the key values ​​provided by the OS to hide keys as much as possible. \r\n If you have used other programs to disable an menu item before, please use that program to restore it, otherwise you may not be able to see it in this program. \r\n\r\n 4 = This program is not designed to clean up programs that have been uninstalled, but it can help you locate the registry and file locations of such menu items.\r\n You can do whatever you want. If you are just a newbie (or unsure about some options), toggle the enable\disable switch only (to reduce the risk of corrupting the OS). 

Dictionaries = [Dictionary description] \r\n This program has several dictionary files, and each dictionary has a user dictionary and a network dictionary. \r\n If you want to add a dictionary to this program, you can right-click to save the file and follow the instructions in the file to add it. \r\n Send your dictionary to my email or submit it to GitHub to make your contribution to this project. \r\n The right tab is the original dictionary content, you can switch the tab to view it \r\n\r\n[Dictionary content]\n 1 = Program display text language dictionary (Languages directory) \r\n 2 = ShellEx menu item GUID text icon dictionary (GuidInfosDic.ini) \r\n 3 = Third-party program menu internal setting dictionary (DetailedEditDic.xml) \r\n 4 = Enhanced menu items Dictionary (EnhanceMenusDic.xml) 

Donate = This program is completely free. If you find this software helpful,\r\n you can donate by scanning the QR code below (WeChat, Alipay, Tencent QQ).\r\n The amount is up to you. Thank you for your support! I also hope you consider \r\n starring this project on Github or Gitee (this means a lot to me!).

Dosyayı en-US.ini şeklinde kaydet sonra yukarıdaki gibi gerekli dizine at....
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Re: Win7 Sağ tık Kişiselleştirme ve Araçları kaldırma

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Teşekkürler. Türkçe dil dosyası yok sanırım.
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Re: Win7 Sağ tık Kişiselleştirme ve Araçları kaldırma

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burak35 yazdı: 08 Haz 2024, 00:53 Teşekkürler. Türkçe dil dosyası yok sanırım.
Olması da gerekmiyor...Zaten arayüz basitin ötesi....
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Re: Win7 Sağ tık Kişiselleştirme ve Araçları kaldırma

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Olmaz. İllakide türkiş isterim. :) :v