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Win 8 Global and Win.Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

Gönderilme zamanı: 15 Eyl 2011, 23:02
gönderen velociraptor

Global Shortcuts:

WIN + Q – look for the application.
WIN + W – search on the parameters of the system.
WIN + I – open set
WIN + O – disable screen rotation (turn off the gyro reaction to the tablets)
WIN + C – open a simplified “Start” menu and set the date and time.

Windows Explorer Hotkeys; (Press ALT Key + the below combination)

A – to open the “special features”
C O – to copy the selected items.
C P – copy the path to the file / folder.
C F – copy the folder (use the drop-down list)
D – delete the selected.
E – edit the selected files.
H – to show the history of file versions.
M – move the files (using the drop-down list).
N – Create a new folder.
P S – insert label
P R – open properties.
P E – Open With …, select the application again using a drop-down list.
S A – select all.
S N – deselect.
S I – invert the selection.
R – rename a selected file (s).
T – cut
V – to paste.
W – to create a new document, choose the template – using the drop-down list.

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